Do you have something to say about parks?

As the voice of UK parks, the Parks Alliance is seeking stories about how local people are using their parks to improve their health, protect the environment and get to know their neighbours.

We want to represent the people who use parks so that we can widen our reach and continue to promote and protect the public parks we are proud to have at the heart of UK life and culture.

We are currently putting together a ‘business case’ for parks to reinforce the message to government that parks count! They help us all stay healthy, protect our neighbourhoods from pollution and provide great places for local people to get together and enjoy themselves.

Who can submit a #makeparkscount story?

You might be a member of the public, part of a friends’ group or a local councillor. Whatever your involvement in parks, we welcome your informed contribution. Be part of a unified voice representing the people and organisations that create, maintain, invest in and use the public green spaces that we are proud to have at the heart of British life.



If you prefer you can download a copy of the form here Download the form.